For the first time LGBT families have the most popular nursery rhymes adapted for our families.

The Album

The album presents nine songs adapted to a father figure or a family with two fathers. It also includes a bonus audio story told by Bud (just like he reads to Carmen and Álvaro every night) titled “The Little Firefly Who Didn´t Want to Fly”.

The album includes the following songs:

1. Five Little Monkeys
2. The Wheels on the Bus
3. Three Little Kittens
4. Five Little Ducks
5. Hush Little Baby
6. Down by the Bay
7. Finger Family (Daddy & Papa Version)
8. Rain, Rain, Go Away (Daddy & Papa Version)
9. Daddy Song

Album Extra
“The Little Firefly Who Didn´t Want to Fly” (Audio story)

In addition, we have created two singles adapted for families with two mothers, “Rain, Rain Go Away” and “Finger Family”.

Use them to sing with you children in daily activities, in the car or taking a walk!


Our goal is to raise funds to make animations of each song and create a YouTube channel where you can see videos of your favorite songs, and see LGBT families represented.

Can you help us to spread the word?

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