We are Bud from New Jersey (USA) and Manuel from Spain. We are fathers of two wonderful children born through surrogacy. Álvaro was born in 2013 just a year after we were married. (Same-sex marriage in Spain has been legal since 2005) Two years later, in 2015, Carmen was born, completing our family and filling us with happiness. We live in Spain, but we frequently visit Florida where Grandma and Grandpa live!

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We believe in family diversity – that families come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, etc. and decided long ago to give visibility to our family model to help educate others that haven’t have experience with a less traditional family model.  We think it is important to create awareness, to help change prejudices, and to create opportunities for other families like ours.

As you can see in our social media, we are just like any other family. Álvaro and Carmen are growing up happy and healthy, and for them it is normal to have two fathers, just like it is normal for other children to have a mother and a father, or two mothers, or just one father, etc.

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